Plastic Waterjet Cutting

Most plastics can be cut smoothest and with greatest efficiency using a CNC router.  However, if your job requires waterjet, we offer the following capabilities:

• 87,000 PSI machine with 4′ x 8′ cutting table with dynamic head

• 94,000 PSI machine with 6′ x 13′ cutting table with dynamic head

Fabrication of very complex parts using 5 axis cutting

• Processing of any plastic or rubber material up to 8 inches thick

Production of very tiny parts

Machining of materials with no heat affected zone (HAZ)

Secondary processes such as counter sinking can be removed from the fabrication process

• Dynamic head controls width (kerf) of the cut, to allow for taper free cut, up to +/-.005

Flow Waterjet cutter equiped with XD dynamic cutting head