HDPE Sheets / Puck Board / Starboard

HDPE Sheets for extreme conditions

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is the most common plastic sheet on the market. It is also very durable in the harsh northern Canadian climate. HDPE is available with very high UV protection to withstand many years in direct sunlight. This type of sheet is commonly known as puck board, and is used in applications like automotive racking, general commercial manufacturing, food industry, fishing industry, marine applications, home and garden, transportation, agricultural stabling and buildings. King Star Board or Boar Board is also an HDPE product, which is of even higher quality. HDPE sheets are available in many different colors, thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Puck Board Pricing

4ft x 8ft4ft x 10ft4ft x 8ft4ft x 10ft4ft x 8ft4ft x 10ft4ft x 8ft4ft x 10ft
Black41.1251.41 X75.9094.88 X119.63149.53 X159.30199.13 x
Blue51.63 X64.53 X 99.90
124.87 X 162.04
202.55 X
219.65274.56 X
Red51.63 X 64.53 X99.90124.87 X 162.04202.55 X219.65274.56 X
Yellow51.63 X64.53 X 99.90124.87 X 162.04202.55 X219.65274.56 X
Grey51.63 X64.53 X 99.90124.87 X 162.04202.55 X219.65274.56 X
Green51.63 X64.53 X 99.90 X124.87 X 162.04 X 202.55 X219.65 X274.56 X
Tan51.63 X64.53 X 99.90 X 124.87 X 162.04 X 202.55 X219.65 X274.56 X
Gold51.63 X64.53 X 99.90 X 124.87 X 162.04 X 202.55 X 219.65 X274.56 X
  • Items marked with an X please call for availability and pricing. Minimums may be required.
  • Contact us if you require a thickness, colour or sheet size that is not listed.
  • We ship all over North America with Day Ross and Manitoulin – Excellent rates
  • Pricing based on full pallet orders.
  • Less than full pallet quantities subject to surcharge of  $50
  • If you need to determine the weight of plastic for shipping, use this calculation:
    Length x Width x Thickness x .035 = total pounds (enter measurements in inches. Ex. 48 x 96 x .50 x x.035)

HDPE Colour swatches

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