CNC Machining & Waterjet

Precision. Accuracy. Quality. Versatility. That just about sums up Anderson and Wegenerr CNC Routers and panel saws.

Plastic Sales

Full selection of sheets and tubing in all shapes, thicknesses and sizes in UHMW, HDPE, PVC, PP, PE, LDPE, ABS etc.

Plastic Stock Clearance

Special discounts on selected batches of surplus plastic stock.

Custom Plastic Welding

This is a Wegener fusion butt welding machine. We use it to weld most thermoplastics.

Bulk Containers

We carry many sizes of plastic bulk containers in stock, from 32x30x30 up to 48x70x48. We also custom build and modify them for you.

Plastic Fabrication

Custom creation of plastic tanks, structures and enclosures for utility, RV, Marine, Residential, Cruise, Industrial, & Automotive.

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