Custom plastic welding / Fusion butt welding

This is one of only a few Wegener fusion butt welding machines in all of Ontario. We use it to weld most thermoplastics.


Greyco Products started plastic welding in 2006. Since that time we have become plastic welding experts, providing plastic tanks, containers, plastic plating barrels and custom fabrications of various sizes to the plating, coating and metal finishing industries. We utilize plastic materials and welding processes that will handle the size, solution density, solution temperature, load requirement and corrosion resistance that you require.
We have produced plastic tanks in excess of 20 ft. in length. We can also provide small intricate fabrications. Custom plastic fabrications can often replace steel weldments, for applications where corrosion or chemical resistance is an issue.

Our specialized custom fabricating machinery is used to bend and butt-weld plastic sheets up to 2 & 3/4″ thick and 10 ft. long. Each bend or butt-weld is fully fused throughout the thickness of the material. Custom plastic welding of intricate shapes is performed using specialized manual welding devices and portable extrusion and injection welding equipment. Greyco products can plastic weld most Thermoplastics. Using quality welding rods, our tradesmen are able to plastic weld a variety of plastics including HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, ABS and more.

By using the following steps, we are able to determine whether a particular plastic can be welded.

1. First we identify the plastic to be welded by using the floating water test. Using a small piece of plastic taken from the component to be welded we drop it into a container of water. If it floats, then the plastic is likely to be Polypropylene, or Polyethylene. If it sinks, then the plastic is likely to be PVC, ABS or Polycarbonate.

2. We then perform an adhesion test using a welding rod. We heat up the welding rod as well as the plastic sample to be repaired, and then press the welding rod onto the plastic part by applying hot air. We then push the welding rod onto the plastic part to begin the plastic weld. If the cooled down rod stays firmly in place or can only be pulled off with difficulty, both plastic materials are the same.

3. We use the industry leading Drader welder for most welds. The Drader Injectiweld is easily adapted into production and assembly applications. We can skillfully operate the Injectiweld with one hand and hold the plastic with the other. Try to do that with other welding systems. The Injectiweld is easy to use and lightweight, so it can go into areas where other equipment can not operate.

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