Bulk containers for sale, custom built or repaired

We carry many sizes of plastic bulk containers in stock, from 32x30x30 up to 48x70x48. We also custom build and modify and repair them for you.

Using our plastic fabrication machinery we can modify or change the bulk bins to just about anything you can imagine. For example, we can fix a hopper in the bottom so that your product flows out hassle free. We can also weld extensions on for more capacity, change the size of the bin for any special application with our high tech butt welding system, or even insert dunnage or dividers.

Availible in:
Many colors; Light, medium and heavy duty; Various different manufacturers; Solid side single or double drop access doors.

Common applications:
. Agricultural & Food
. Building & Construction
. Home & Garden
. Manufacturing
. Pulp & Paper
. Fresh produce and vegetables
. Firewood
. Animal penning

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