Acetal / Delrin


Acetal is a thermoplastic that was introduced in 1956. It is widely recognized as a potential replacement for die-cast metals because it is very rigid, yet not brittle. Acetal has a high melting point, is resistant to fatigue, and very strong. Currently, acetal is used to create cams, bearings, gears, bushings, housings, and conveyors. In addition, acetal is used in automotive seat belt components and door handles, shaver cartridges, in the moving parts in appliances and business machines, in gas tank caps, in plumbing fixtures, and in zippers.

Acetals also are characterized by excellent fatigue life and dimensional stability. Other outstanding properties include low friction coefficients, exceptional solvent resistance, and high heat resistance for extended use. At present there are two basic types of acetal plastic: homopolymer and copolymer. The homopolymers are somewhat tougher and harder than the copolymers but suffer from instability in processing

. It is the the best plastic for precision machining

. We offer it in sheet, round bar, square bar, and various other shapes

. Available in Natural, and black colors


Commonly referred to as Delrin, this Acetal is a useful replacement for metal in many applications such as gears, pulleys, impellers, etc. Easily machined with all standard machine tools. Its machinability is equal to or better than free machining brass in the normal operations of milling and turning to threading and tapping. This Acetal Resin offers a high degree of dimensional stability, toughness, impact strength, low coefficient of friction and fair c resistance.Note: Delrin may cause allergic reaction. Use of gloves and a dust mask is recommended when handling or machining.

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