Recycled Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber: a durable alternative to wood

Recycled plastic lumber is an extruded, recycled plastic material that replaces its wood counterparts in high moisture, high abuse applications. This product uses plastic waste from consumer and industrial sources to produce an exceptionally versatile material. Aside from the obvious benefits of low moisture absorption, fungal and mildew resistance, and life span, plastic lumber does not contain or require any toxic preservatives. Does not contain any wood flour or filler. The material is solid through-out.

Most of us like the smell of a wood shop – you can’t replace wood completely. However, for outdoor applications, our plastic lumber will not only save you a lot of maintenance, it will also save our forests! You may of noticed that lumber is not as dense as it used to be. This is because we are running out of mature trees and need to start using our younger stock or faster growing species. Do your part today; build with plastic lumber!


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