UHMW Sheets


UHMW, or Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (also known as (UHMWPE) is manufactured by the world leader in the industry, Quadrant EPP, is superior ultra high molecular weight sheet that is extremely tough as well as incredibly abrasion resistant. With very low co-efficient of friction, this material is best used in rough duty applications. As with most plastics, care must be taken when machining to ensure dimensional stability is maintained. Typical applications include; most wear applications, hopper liners, bearings, bushings, pipe saddles, conveyor guides and numerous others. Various modified forms are also used to broaden the scope of applications.

Dry slide

UHMW is the slipperiest plastic
anywhere in the market. That’s
what makes it the material of
choice for applications like truck
liners, dry slides and chutes.
Calculate the cost savings by
using UHMW to replace rollers,
bearings and other mechanical
forms of material transit.

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