Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication of welded Products

Greyco Products is able to repair or fabricate an endless variety of plastic structures. Our qualified team will deliver orders to your exact specifications. We are the supplier of choice for plastic fabrication. . Custom Thermoplastic Tanks . Cleanroom Drip Trays . Plastic Sinks . Fume Hoods . Plastic Wet Stations . Chemical Cabinets . Enclosures . Plastic Pipe Systems . Tank Supports . Water Tanks . Wet Benches . Mini Environments . Over-flow tanks . Storage Tanks . Water Waste Tanks . Gas Tanks . RV Tanks . Dog kennels . Equine equipment

Greyco Products
offers total customer satisfaction using innovative plastic solutions. We produce products for the following industries:

. Utility . RV . Marine . Residential . Cruise . Industrial . Environmental . Automotive

We can build a product to your specifications or create a custom-design from your rough idea. We work with a wide range of plastics. Just to name a few, Propylene, PVC, Polyethylene, PVDF, Polycarbonate.

Our welding experts have the advanced training, continuous testing, and on-going certifications needed to exceed even the highest industry standards, which insures and protects your investment in plastics.


Products and Services Provided Include:

  • Open Top Process Tanks
  • (Rigid Drop-In Liners or Free Standing Tanks) up to 65 ft. long.
  • Containment Pits and Sumps
  • Tank Covers and Tank Hoods
  • Process Dip Baskets
  • Drip Pans of all shapes and sizes
  • Duct, Vents, Hoods, and Cabinets for Fume Exhaust or Supply

Plastic Sheet Bender

We have the capability to do some remarkable things in the area of plastic manipulation. The sheet bender is a great asset in making tanks and in all types of plastic fabrication. With speed, efficiency and precision, we are able to make strong, neat industrial bends and corners on stock up to 10′. The bender works with HDPE, PP, Acrylic, and more.

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