Signage for business using 3 layer Tiger Board

Signage is not our main business, but we make a very we make a very high quality sign. one with a 30 year guarantee!

Using a specialized machining technique on a CNC router, we transform a durable, 3 layered plastic sheet into a striking sign that will last for more than 30 years. The detail and accuracy of the lettering shows off the precision process that is used to create these valuable marketing assets.

Our signage is produced a plastic called Tiger Board which is one color in the core of the sheet and a single color on both outer layers. To make a sign using this material, we mount a sheet of Tiger Board on the router, then cut only through the outer layer of plastic into the core, creating a very creative sharp looking sign. If you’re looking for a business sign, we are an excellent alternative to a more costly sign shop.

Tiger Board is available in many variations such as:

White core / Single color outside layers
Single color core / White outside layers

These 2 variations exist in many colors.

. Tiger board is excellent UV protected HDPE
. Will not fade
. Will not be brittle in cold weather
. Very neatly and precisely machined on a CNC router
. We can provide posts and / or frame by hand
. Sign installation service available
. Competitive pricing
. Size range from 1″ x 3″ up 8′ x 20′
. Only limited by your imagination

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