Cellular PVC Sheet

Cellular PVC is an extremely strong and rigid sheet

Cellular PVC is an exciting new product designed to replace traditional solid plastic and wood sheets.  With a water absorption rate very close to 0%, this new product can withstand high-pressure washing and has excellent chemical resistance.The surface of each sheet is engineered for easy cleaning. Its closed cell structure resists water absorption. This helps prevent the material from splitting, flaking, chipping, or bloating. Free foam PVC has a solid, consistent structure from surface through the core. This characteristic makes it perfect for fabrication and field cuts. Sealing the cut edge is not necessary to protect the product. In addition, this process also prohibits mushrooming of the product when secured with screws, unlike the celuka process. The free foam process also cuts smooth where the celuka PVC can chip when cut. Cellular PVC is an ideal panel for many applications including; chemical handling equipment, wall liners, corrosive atmospheres, high humidity or permanently damp locations and fabrications which include cabinetry.

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